Full Moon in Taurus: Blessings in Darkness

 When I saw Her rising directly opposite the setting Sun, I knew She was ready. She was focused. She knew what She needed to do. 

I felt Her growing resolve when I came home for the evening and She was dominating the sky in all Her glory and fullness. There was no way that I was going to miss Her upcoming performance.

When I woke up at 3am (The Witching Hour) and went outside, I was not disappointed. She was in the middle of Her dance with the Earth's shadow. Even though it was the first hard frost of the season and it was cold, it was hard to tear myself away and head back into the house.

I couldn't go back to sleep right away but when I did, I dreamed of the work I need to do, receiving inspiration and motivation from Her as She directed my dreams.

The power of this Full Moon is still reverberating. If you ever wonder why the Moon is exalted in Taurus, just think about every Full Moon in Taurus you've ever experienced. It's always about this time of year when the nights are newly long and cold. When we've taken stock of the harvest and are almost finished with putting it away. The harshness of winter has not set in but we are newly appreciative of the warmth and coziness of our homes. This is the time of year when the Moon reigns supreme.

Mother Moon always fully shows up as Herself. However, She knows that it's not always necessary to reveal everything. In all Her different phases, She remains essentially unchanged. How we see Her is contingent upon the movements of the Earth and how the Sun's light strikes Her. Her real work is done in darkness. The mysterious power She wields over the oceans and over our emotional states is unseen but real.

This Full Moon finds Mother Moon, and us, in complete control of the darkness. The most powerful forces animating us at this time cannot be seen. They cannot be controlled. They are primal. They are us at our very best. We find the blessings in knowing who we are even when others don't see us. We do our work in darkness not concerned about the outcome (not even knowing what the outcome will be), motivated only by our internal drive to express the fullness of who we are.

This is when we are at our most powerful. This is the lesson that Mother Moon teaches us.


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