New Moon in Libra: Curious About Life

My dog has developed some interesting new habits the past few weeks. One is eating her own shit but that's not our focus today. Instead, I'd rather talk about her new curiosity about life. 

I first noticed it a couple of weeks ago when I was sweeping. Usually when I pick up the broom, she runs and hides under the bed. But lately, she allows me to get close to her with the broom in my hand. That's really different for her. But what really got my attention was her reaction to her old nemesis, the vacuum cleaner.

She and that vacuum have a long history. The first week I got her, she ran from it and when I was finished and didn't put the vacuum up, she sneaked up and chewed the cord off. I didn't notice until I tried to resume vacuuming. I had to take the vacuum to the repairman. Shiba - 1, Kirby - 0.

Over the years, I have taken care to not further traumatize her with either the broom or the vacuum. So when I was vacuuming the other day and cut the vacuum off to reposition it, I was surprised when she approached it and sniffed at it. She was curious about it, no longer skittish or afraid of it. 

That's the energy of this New Moon. Because of the trust we have developed in our relationships, we feel a new confidence in ourselves. We are able to look at the things that frighten us and see them in a new light. With the support of the people who love us, we can change our approach. The monsters which seemed so life-threatening now appear almost harmless. What were we so afraid of in the first place?

Seeing ourselves through the eyes of the people who love us is often the first step toward claiming your own power and authority. Especially when we had been wounded by others who made us feel bad about our uniqueness and made fun of our quirks. Our forever home is where our boundaries are respected and we are given room to find our own way. Like Shiba who is learning she has nothing to fear from the vacuum.

Now if only I could get her to stop fighting the weed eater.


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