Full Moon in Aries: Indestructible

 This Hunter's Moon has been intense. At its zenith, around midnight, it's been sharing the skies with Orion, the Hunter. When we see Orion, we know that summer is definitely over. The hard winter is coming and we need to be prepared.

Remember the hard loss and forced retreat of a few weeks ago? That was definitely an ego crushing experience. But that was then. This is now. We're back and bitches betta start running.

Because we survived. We did more than survive, we evolved. And now nothing can stop us. We are truly indestructible. They are gonna regret that they didn't kill us. It's too late now.

The other night I watched "Halloween Kills". Don't waste your time. Michael Myers can't be killed. He feeds off fear and rage and it resurrects him every time. That's the energy of this Moon.

Claim the power and strength which comes from surviving that which was meant to kill. This is the time to hunt down our enemies and give them what they deserve. This is the time to slay and stunt. We are indestructible.


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