Full Moon in Taurus: Who Are We?

Blessed Samhain! Please spend some time this weekend building a fire, reconnecting with your Ancestors, exploring your dark side. 'Tis the season! Under this particularly powerful blue moon, your workings will be more effective than ever.

Over the past couple of lunations, the final resurgence of the Triple Conjunction (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) in Capricorn which has given us the gift that is 2020 has been playing out. This Full Moon marks another shift in that ongoing saga. Jupiter, as the fastest planet, is closing in on Pluto and the conjunction is now tighter than it's been in months. Just in time for Mercury to go direct on Election Day. Fun times indeed!!

This year has been an extended walk through the distorted fun house of our collective psyches. We have seen our collective neuroses and psychoses on full display in the most grotesque manner. That's the Uranus in Taurus feeling which makes us feel uncomfortable and unsettled in the most visceral way. This Moon is fully merged with that energy. We've been stocking up on toilet paper and sanitizing wipes because we feel as if our physical well-being and comfort is jeopardized. Yes, the pandemic plays a huge in that but it goes beyond that. We have seen the violence. Usually that violence simmers below the surface but it has flared out in really scary ways over the past few months leaving us with the terrifying feeling that this time, it's going to destroy us all.

This Halloween, we're coming face to face with our deepest fears. We have a choice to make. Are we going to continue to run and act as if those issues don't exist? Or are we going to turn and face them? Are we going to take our anger, which is fueled by our chronic uncertainty, and rationalize acting out our most violent fantasies on each other? Or are we going to find and stand on the courage of our convictions and finally, appropriately address the root causes of our dysfunction? How we answer these questions will reveal who we are in this moment. 

Do we like what we see?


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