Full Moon in Aries: Death Throes

I'm pissed. You're pissed. E'erbody pissed. Just walking around mad. The anger is justified but there's no safe way to discharge it. Every time we try to express it, the invisible noose around our necks tightens. And the anger builds and builds and builds.

This morning, really early this morning, Shiba, the dog, woke me up insisting on going outside. She was so insistent, she woke Omo, the other dog, up. Reluctantly, I dragged myself from my warm bed and we all went outside. It was worth it. The beautiful pre-dawn sky featured Orion the Hunter right above my house. And to the east, Venus, resplendent. After her retrograde period earlier this year, she has switched places and is now the Morning Star. To the West, the Moon and Mars, the primary players during this Full Moon period, setting together.

Being outside under the energies of the Divine Lights brought home to me something that I was only getting a glimmer of looking at the Full Moon chart on paper. The things we're fighting against which are holding us down. White supremacy (racism), capitalism, patriarchy, they're squeezing the life out of us. But, they are dying and what we're feeling are their death throes. I'm not saying that they're not still dangerous. They may be even more dangerous now that their death is near. They're experiencing that last burst of life which allows them to fight back harder than ever.

Knowing that they are dying, we need to move strategically and confidently like the Hunter Orion. Their deaths will not be quick or pretty but we have hope like Venus shining in the dark of the pre-dawn sky. That hope permeates the passionate anger of the Moon/Mars conjunction and inspires us to keep fighting.

Our most beautiful dreams of who we are and who we can be are on the verge of being realized.


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