New Moon in Virgo: Finally Making Progress

Yesterday, on the morning of the New Moon, I had a bird in my house. Poor lost little sparrow. Had no idea where she was. She was so happy when I opened the door and she could fly out. Sparrows are happy little birds and having one in my house is an omen of big things coming.

This New Moon is hitting really close. Five planets in Virgo, all conjunct my Sun. It's a lot of energy. And it feels hopeful.

The optimism and innovation of the last Full Moon is settling into a new pattern of productivity. Virgo gets it done. Jupiter and Neptune have been locked in a pattern of dreaming big and aiming high for weeks with absolutely no idea of how to put anything to practical use. Now Virgo is here to do what she does best. She's going to sort out all the details and make those dreams real.

Personally, this New Moon is hitting too close for me to even pretend to be objective since it's my birthday (9/2). Jupiter has been conjunct my Moon for a while now. I've put on a few extra pounds and I feel good about my life. I've needed that optimism because Neptune continues to transit conjunct my Saturn, gently dissolving the foundations of my life and teaching me to trust and surrender to the flow.

Now that the inner personal planets are converging at my natal Sun, all of that seems to be coming to a head. We early Virgos are receiving a special blessing this year. No matter what challenges we are facing, the cosmic weather is on our side. Although Virgo Suns are especially blessed right now, everyone can take advantage of this opportunity to make dreams real.

At this very Virgo New Moon, may you find the healing you've long been seeking, the answers which have been eluding you, the joy of a job well done and the peace which comes from knowing you're doing the right thing.


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