Full Moon in Aquarius: Leo Optimism/Aquarian Innovation

Shit's been going down the past few weeks. But if shit's gonna go down, I would rather it go down during Leo season while Venus is conjunct the Sun and Jupiter is trine both of them. That's what's been happening over the last month.

Leo is an optimistic and happy sign. It's confident and believes in itself. And when it's vibing with its soul sibling, Sagittarius (Jupiter's home sign, where Jupiter is now), everything becomes a big, joyful, exciting adventure. Add Venus into the mix and you have an epic party complete with great music, delicious food and delightful companions.

This last Mercury retrograde period started with upsets and terrible shocks and nasty little surprises and it's ending the same way. But, in the middle, at the New Moon, we got a brief period of  inspiration and comfort. Plus with all of the good energy created by the Sun, Jupiter, and Venus, none of that really got us down. It may even have been fun putting our strength and our wits to the test. And passing.

Now Mercury is moving out of its shadow and all of that is moving into the past. There were lessons that we learned. Anything is possible when we remain confident in our ability to handle it. It's all mind over matter. That's how we create our own luck. Furthermore, we don't need to know exactly how the future will unfold. We only need to understand our part and know that we have a significant influence over how things turn out. Even when it seems as if much of what we're facing is coming from outside of ourselves.

Let's tuck those lessons into our pocket as we move forward into a future which is, in so many ways, even more uncertain than ever. At this Full Moon, we have the opportunity to harness both ends of the Leo/Aquarius spectrum. We have experienced the self-confidence and courage of Leo and we have also tapped into the quick witted innovation of Aquarius. With the Moon in Aquarius, we can become comfortable with change and willing to allow that process to break up the ruts we entrenched ourselves into.

The past is prologue. We are writing a new future every moment.


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