New Moon Solar Eclipse: All Bets Are Off

Everything old is new again. It seems as if old hurts and unresolved issues have been resurrecting and wreaking havoc. It's easy to blame everything on Mercury retrograde, and that plays a part, but that's not the only energy at work here.

Pluto is also retrograde, along with Neptune, and Uranus. All of the outer, universal planets are out of phase. This doesn't lessen their power, it simply changes the direction. Collectively, we are revisiting our old shit. The issues we like to pretend we've grown beyond and say they don't bother us anymore. We've evolved and matured. Except we haven't.

For the first time since 2012, Pluto and Uranus are not at odds with each other. Look at everything that has happened over these past few years while they've been squaring off. We saw our dreams of hope and change hit the reality wall. Hard. Not just in the US. The dreams of the Arab Spring have also turned into Islamic State nightmares. Does anyone even remember that anymore?  We made the mistake of thinking that all we had to do was play by the rules and it would be easy to change the system from within. What were we thinking?

Now we're moving on. Jupiter and Pluto are making one last pass at each other. Jupiter in Libra wants to provide for everyone, regardless of social status, and Pluto in Capricorn is still tearing it all down. (As an aside, Pluto will be in Capricorn for five more years.)  I've noticed that Jupiter provides blessings, however, he refuses to bless mess. So whenever Jupiter encounters a situation that is oppressive or restrictive, he will blow it up. Given Pluto's destructive tendencies, situations where people's ability to live happily and enjoy all that life should be about is being repressed, are exploding. Violently.

Jupiter is squaring Venus also. People can no longer tolerate any restrictions on their freedom to enjoy life and make the most out of life. With a Pluto/Venus opposition thrown in for good measure, people are not afraid to destroy anything that gets in the way of their happiness, however they define happiness. This leads to conflict and since we know that Pluto is not afraid of violence, the conflict can quickly escalate. But I'm not done, Venus is being squared by Uranus who is also making his last opposition to Jupiter. Uranus adds that touch of erratic instability which caps off the volatility of this time. That's why all bets are off. Anything can happen now.

These are the energetic details that are the foundation of the current New Moon. Since this New Moon is an eclipse, the energy that has been set in motion now will be with us for longer than the standard six months. For those of us who have planets and points in our charts that are directly impacted by this eclipse, our lives may change forever. For the rest of us, our society is undergoing deep and profound change which will impact us indirectly.

We are at a significant turning point.

The answer lies in our ability to find the innovative solutions which will allow us to move forward in our understanding of these old issues. Saturn and Uranus are continuing the collaboration they have been in for months and are giving helpful advice to retrograde Mercury at this time. We are fully capable of finding and implementing the solutions. Indeed we already know what the solutions are. Mars' involvement here will give us the motivation to persevere until the job is done.

Significant and profound change is in the air. The chaos and fear we see around us is endemic to the process. Hold on. We will make it through if we take it all in stride and continue doing our work.


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