Venus Retrograde 2017: Love Lessons

Let me tell y'all a little story. A story about Venus and Mars. When they first met, they were instantly attracted to each other. Venus was in her element. She was ethereal and had an unworldly, dreamy beauty. Mars was just regaining his strength after a period of being lost and listless. He immediately set about wooing her in the most romantic way possible and it was not long before she was his.

For a while things were really good. They set off on all kinds of wonderful adventures together. He introduced her to so many new and exciting things and they were having the time of their lives. However, over time, Mars began to get a little bored and impatient with Venus. She began to want to settle down a little bit and not be constantly running here, there, and everywhere. Mars' crudeness (which she once thought so manly) began to turn her off and he began to feel that she was trying to change him. Slowly, they began to drift apart. And when Mars began spending time around his crazy friend, Uranus (who is an old man and should know better), he started coming home late, if he came home at all. When she had to bail him out of jail because he and Uranus got into a fight with Jupiter (who was kicking both they asses, Big Daddy can fight), that was it. That was the last straw.

She started slowing down and backing up and reassessing her life. When it was apparent that she was back on the market, old lovers started coming back. She made the mistake of letting one of them talk her into dating him again and quickly remembered why she broke up with him in the first place. She ate too much. She went on expensive shopping sprees, buying things that she didn't need and didn't really like. However, at that moment, she felt like she couldn't live without it. She wasn't fun anymore so many of her friends left her, however, her real friends stuck by her and refused to leave her, no matter how much she tried to push them away.

Consequently, she saw who the people were in her life who really loved her and she gained a new appreciation for them. She saw who was real and who was fake. She went through a process of self-assessment and realized what really makes her happy.

Eventually, she returned to the place where she had met Mars. She was able to see clearly where she had gone wrong and make peace with herself. Now she was ready to go back over the same ground she had covered but with a clearer head and a new perspective. She reached out to Mars while she was there and they made peace with each other.

With all loose ends taken care of, she lifted up her head and moved forward.


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