New Moon in Aries: Vortex of Change

Remember that Cardinal Cross I mentioned in January? Full Moon in Cancer/Grand Cardinal Cross I felt then that the energy was conducive for reassessing and resetting relationships. I'm feeling now that energy has matured and ripened and is coming to a head in many ways.

The Grand Cross settled back into the ongoing, long-term Cardinal T-Square involving the opposition between Jupiter in Libra (currently retrograde) and Uranus in Aries which is being squared by Pluto in Capricorn. This T-Square is about dismantling oppressive, repressive, and inequitable systems and relationships and replacing them with systems and relationships that are reciprocal, respectful, just, and equal. This is happening on a global level as well as in our individual lives.

However, the focus on this New Moon is our personal view of ourselves and our values. The New Moon is conjunct retrograde Venus in Aries. During this Venus Retrograde period, we have been evaluating who we are and what is important to us. We've been scrutinizing our relationships to determine which ones are healthy and sustain us. In doing that, we have been clarifying what our real needs are based upon a deeper understanding of who we really are, apart from what family or society or any other other outside authority tells us we should be or should want.

Uranus and Mercury are conjunct each other creating an active space where we can receive sudden insights that clarify the situation and moves our thinking forward. These insights allow us to begin drawing conclusions and changing our thinking in a fundamental way. The Uranus/Mercury conjunction is trining Saturn in Sagittarius making it easy for us to see what shape our new lives and restructured relationships will take and start the process of making them manifest. Our personal visions are consolidating and becoming clearer to us and that's the first step toward making them real.

There's an interesting square happening with Saturn and the New Moon/Venus conjunction. By sign, the New Moon/Venus/Saturn aspect should be a trine. Saturn's in Sagittarius, the New Moon and Venus are in Aries, there should be harmony. But there isn't. Saturn is about to change signs and move into Capricorn, where he will be at home. But for now, he is still physically in Sagittarius. Venus is about to move into Pisces, where she will be exalted and able to recharge and catch her breath before diving back into Aries, where she is in detriment. However, currently, she is still physically in Aries. The conjunct Sun and Moon (which is what a New Moon is) are moving deeper into Aries but are still close enough to Pisces where they are still retaining some of that energy, enough to cause them to be at odds with Saturn.

There are a lot of beginnings and endings that are tangled up with each other in this square. This is what creates the Vortex of Change. We may not be certain at all what's staying and what's going at this point. Sure, we're having Uranian insights. But those insights could be so prescient that we can't relate them at all to our present circumstances and, therefore, they add to our present state of confusion.

Take a deep breath. Relax. Trust your inner wisdom. Surrender to the process. Have faith that everything is moving into balance and alignment. Because it is. It's an exciting time to be alive!


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