New Moon in Leo: A Different Headspace

 Have you been enjoying this Aquarian year? Every night, I go out and look at Jupiter and Saturn who, while not conjunct, are still tracking each other and are still hanging out in proximity to each other in the night sky. 

This hopeful Leo New Moon finds us contemplating how we much we have changed. We've been through some things. We're still going through things. We're in a completely different place now. But in spite of it all, we hold on to optimism. 

Our optimism isn't silly giddiness. We can't deny the reality of the challenges we face. We are coping with the consequences of our bad decisions and negligent actions. What's done is done and can't be undone. So we got to find a way to move forward. It ain't helpful to sit around wallowing in regret. That's a luxury we simply do not have right now.

Our optimism is our strongest coping mechanism. If we can't see a future, then we won't have one. Period. It's is imperative that we remain confident in our ability to dream a new future. Self-doubt is also a luxury we can't afford right now.

So right now, while it may be a struggle to see beyond our present circumstances, that's precisely what we have to do. Daydreaming in this moment isn't idleness. It's necessary work. It's the necessary precursor to whatever our next step will be. So let's not rush through this process or minimize its importance. The next step we take will be a decisive one and there will be no turning back.

Let's take our time and savor the possibilities. We don't have to move until we're good and goddamned ready to.


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