New Moon in Pisces: Magical Transformation

What kind of magical transformation is this? We are in the midst of some really happy Pisces energy at this New Moon while at the same time, there's still a lot of trippy Aquarian energy. 

In this space of Piscean/Aquarian expansiveness, we can feel the connection between everything. We see the new become the old and the old renewing itself to become new again and that cycle repeating and repeating and repeating. We stand in the center of everything and it all makes sense.

We're light. Like corks bobbing on the surface of the ocean, looking up at the sky. The key right now is to stay in that place of surrender and allow the current to carry us where it will. Contradictions, inconsistencies, non sequiturs, this place is expansive enough to hold all of them. In this magical moment, there's no need to resolve anything. All we need to do is let them be.

In due time, we will need to act. But for now, staying quiet and centered in the face of the illogical and irrational is all that's required. Sitting with inconsistencies and not trying to force them to work will lead to an expansion of our thinking, a realization that more is possible than we ever imagined before.

Eventually, we will be empowered to use our newly expanded vision to free ourselves from old habits and thought patterns which no longer serve us. But we can't rush through this. We have to fully rest and become one with the mystery. That's when all things become possible.


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