Full Moon in Virgo: Not Here for Your Bullshit

This Full Moon in Virgo is no nonsense. If you're holding up progress, you're gone. If you're obstructing the work, bye. If you suck at what you do, why are you even here? You gots to go. Virgo is about perfection and demands harmony between thoughts and actions. Hypocrisy and bullshittery doesn't stand a chance under Virgo's highly discerning gaze. 

While Mercury was retrograde in Aquarius, he was busy revealing where we are falling short. He made us revisit the scenes of our greatest failures, the places were we hurriedly made do, where we lied to ourselves that "this isn't important, we have better things to do." We tried to walk away from the mess but retro Mercury wouldn't allow us. Aquarian energy requires us to be truthful about what we stand for, what we believe in, and why we believe in it.

And now this Virgo Moon is here to clean up and take out the trash. 

As Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus begin their year-long tussle with each other, this past Mercury retrograde and this current Virgo Moon are making the issues clear and setting the stage. Are we being truthful about why we're doing what we're doing? Do our actions align with our values? If they aren't, then what needs to change: our actions or our values? Does our current situation sap our inspiration and motivation? Why? Always why.

When we get to the why of things then we know our fundamental truth. This truth is the cornerstone of our existence. We cannot live a life with any meaning or depth or consequence without understanding the why.

Under the rays of this Virgo Full Moon, let's get to the nitty gritty of who we are, putting aside the lies, hypocrisy, and bullshit. It's time for purity of thought and congruent action.

Dassit. That's all I got.


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