Full Moon in Leo: Nothing to Lose

About a week ago, I dreamed that I had let my friends down. That I had done something stupid and ill-advised which had negative consequences for them. They were disappointed and hurt and I felt really bad. But even though the harm I had caused was real and they were truly hurt, they forgave me. We were having a long and difficult conversation but they extended grace to me and I was grateful. They told me it was okay because I was sincerely trying. My intentions were good, it just didn't work out and I was taking responsibility. They were okay and we would be okay.

The more I think about this dream, the more I feel it is an illustration of Aquarian energy. The struggle between the old and the new is evolving and intensifying. The atmosphere around us remains explosive and dangerous. There are no easy answers.

We find the answers by embracing the boldness and courage that is the foundation of the Leo/Aquarius dichotomy. Leo and Aquarius are opposites and, therefore, share some basic qualities. This Full Moon encourages us to pull from both sides of the opposition. The Leo Moon pulls us to embrace our inner nobility while the Aquarian Sun keeps honest. They both encourage us to see beyond our current circumstances and reach for the highest and best possibilities.

In the face of uncertainty, we have to make a new way. In doing that, we will make mistakes. Some of our mistakes will have consequences. But there are even greater consequences if we are too afraid to do anything. 

Now is the time to press forward. Do we know what we're doing? No. We have no idea. Leo/Aquarian energy is extremely forgiving. But only if we get out there and try. If we make mistakes, there are lessons in facing and dealing with the fallout. The only wrong answer in this moment is not doing anything.

Let's put our convictions to the test. Let's try out those seemingly impossible ideas. Right now, we have nothing to lose.


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