Full Moon in Taurus: Wishing on a Star

This Full Moon coincides with the Taurid meteor shower. If it wasn't freakishly cold outside and sleeting, I would be out in the backyard, trying to catch a glimpse of the famous Taurid fireballs. I may yet get a chance since Earth will be traveling through the remnants of the disintegrating comet which is the source of the Taurids for several more weeks.

The peak of the Taurids happens to coincide this year with the Full Moon in Taurus. This is appropriate since this year's Beaver Moon is full of hope and longing.

We've had plenty of time over the past couple of weeks during Mercury's retrograde to consciously review, or be rudely reminded of, all the areas of our lives which are not working. The communications breakdowns which are characteristic of Mercury retrograde periods are revealing the weak points and flaws in our relationships. The inequities which we had long put up with have reached a tipping point and conflict has been the result. In some cases, deep dark secrets have suddenly had the lights shone on them resulting in shame and confusion.

In the midst of running hither and thither putting out fires (or maybe starting a few), the arrival of the Taurid fireballs provides an interlude where we can stop, look up and dream about our deepest desires. What do we really want? What do we really need? What do we need to do to get it?

I've been thinking about Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket all day. Geppetto wished for a son and Pinocchio was created. Pinocchio wished he could be a real boy but wishing wasn't enough. He had to prove himself. His story is a Scorpio story. Did he ever listen to what Jiminy had to say? No. He learned his lessons through trial and error and getting trapped in dark places and caught in lies. Merely wishing on a star wasn't enough to make him a real boy. He had to die and be reborn.

Wishing on a star starts the process of manifestation. But only the process of death and rebirth makes it real.

This is a time when wishes can come true. However, as we set our intentions, let's be mindful that we are setting into motion a process of death and rebirth. Magic always requires a sacrifice.


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