New Moon in Gemini: Party Like It's 1999

I don't feel like working today. Have you looked outside? It's beautiful! It's not too hot. It's not too humid. It's a perfect late spring day. I want to play. I don't wanna work.

Welcome Gemini New Moon! I'm so tired of all the intense work that the Saturn/Pluto/South Node conjunction has been making me do these past couple of months. It's been hard and heavy, intense work and it ain't even close to being done. But I'm sick of it. This New Moon energy has come to rescue me. I want to have fuuuunnnnnnn!!!! This New Moon gets me and understands that.

The other day I was with some people who were talking about spiritual growth. The discussion was about how spiritual growth doesn't have to be drudgery. Sometimes the most needed, deepest lessons can be found in experiences that are uplifting and happy. Spiritual growth doesn't stop when you're feeling good. We just need to not take those happy, easy times for granted.

The fundamentals of those heavy, long-term transits have not changed. They're still working in the background. However, it's time for a party break. Rest assured that our interactions and activities over the next week or so may seem light and frivolous but they're not. There will be a lot of emotional energy behind even the silliest of encounters and as this energy plays out over the next six months until the Full Moon in Gemini, we will see it come to fruition.

But don't take that as a warning to be overly restrained. No. Just as we have worked hard, we need to play hard. Mercury in Gemini is facing off with Jupiter in Sagittarius which encourages loud shit talking and flirtatious behavior. Do that. Enjoy yourself.

I'm going to kick this party off with my favorite Gemini. And since I have drawn both the 3 of Cups (partying) and the Tower (complete unexpected disaster) in my tarot reading this week, this is exactly how I'm feeling.


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