New Moon in Taurus: Back to Normal?

Let's take a moment to bask in the wonder and beauty of this Taurus New Moon. The Sun is out. Flowers are blooming. Birds are singing. After all the drama and intensity of the past few weeks, it feels like a well earned reprieve. We've laughed. We've cried. We've cleaned out our old shit. We can get back to normal, right?

Well, yeah, kinda, maybe. Everything looks like normal and feels like normal. But when we try to do anything the way we used to do it, somehow it doesn't quite work the way it used to work. Everything is just a little bit off. It's a real head scratcher. What's changed?

While Pluto and Saturn have turned inward, they are still in contact with the Moon's South Node. We still got shit from our past we got to deal with. But Neptune is still going strong. While the intensity has died down, we are still in the process of bringing our material circumstances into alignment with our spiritual reality.

The material world vibrates much more slowly than the spiritual realm and we exist in both simultaneously. When we are undergoing as big and fundamental a shift as the one we are living through now, the material world is struggling to keep up.

We're living in the lag time. Parts of us are in the future and parts of us are in the past. One could say that is simply what happens when we, as timeless and boundless energy in our natural state, come to manifest as bodies within the confines of time.  However, quite literally in this moment, we can really feel as if we are time travelers.

Now is the time to explore our new reality. We can look back on how far we've come, get a handle on what we still need to do, and get acquainted with we who we are right now. It's a beautiful and wonder-filled moment. Enjoy.


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