Full Moon in Libra: Chaos is a Ladder

As I sit down to write this on Good Friday afternoon, it seems the world has gone mad. Historic churches are burning around the world. In my state, Tennessee, the state legislature has made it their business this session to repeal the entire 20th century and return the state to the "good old days". The current head of federal executive branch is brazenly breaking the law, with the entire Republican party as his henchmen, and everyone is afraid to call him to account for it. Meanwhile, again here in Tennessee, an innocent man cannot be set free even though he has spent most of his life wrongly imprisoned and the case against him has unquestioningly fallen apart.

Yep. It's pretty dark around here. It is indeed reminiscent of the darkness that fell after Jesus proclaimed that it was finished and commended his spirit into his father's hands. The energy of this Full Moon is the darkness of those three days between Jesus' death and resurrection morning.

It's easy to see that everything is going to hell in a jet-rocketed hand basket. The chaos is in full swing around us. But what's harder to see, if you are caught up in the craziness of the moment, is that resolution is close at hand. Maybe not as close as we would like for it to be and it is certainly not a straight line from here to there. The last few lunations have been so intense with so much happening, we're wondering how much more we can take.

As the chaos unfolds and we ride the wave and surrender to the intensity, we find that place of peace within ourselves. That place where we know this isn't going to last forever and we begin to be able to use the chaos to our advantage. We realize that it is necessary to bring our material circumstances into alignment with our spiritual reality.

When Jesus died, the earth shook. When he was resurrected, the earth shook again. The earth has to shake in order for a new reality to appear. While we are in the middle of this earthquake, it's scary and uncertain but it's necessary.

Hold on just a little while longer. Sunday is coming.


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