Full Moon in Libra: The Tipping Point

In preparation for writing this Full Moon energy reading, I decided night before last that I would wake up, say around 4am, to test an idea that I had about the exact point in the early morning hours when one knows that night is over. But I forgot to set my alarm. However, it didn't matter because exactly at 3:43 (I checked my phone so I knew the time), I fully woke up. And not only did I wake up but my dog Shiba woke up too. She usually sleeps the night through but when I sat up, she woke up and went and sat by the door. Obviously that meant I had to go outside.

Of course at 3:43am, the Sun is nowhere near ready to rise. But it felt like morning. The Moon, not quite full, was still exceptionally bright (which means that it's not always darkest before dawn). The birds were in full song. They definitely knew night was over. We were only out for a few minutes. Long enough to know that, yes, one can be aware that night is over long before the Sun rises.

The Vernal Equinox is always a time when one knows winter is over, no matter what the weather. The days are noticeably longer (something that we could really appreciate in the years before Daylight Savings Time was pushed back). Sometimes you have daffodils, hyacinths, forsythia blooming in the snow.

This Full Moon feels like a tipping point falling as it does on the Equinox and when Mercury is stationing direct after a deep dive into pure Pisces energy. In true Pisces fashion, the change is felt before it is seen. One knows something has ended without being sure what that something is. The shift has been long anticipated but it has happened in such an unexpected way. Furthermore, surface appearances haven't changed at all.

So what does one do? Is it crazy to start cleaning up and moving furniture around and stocking up on things? Is it crazy to start putting out feelers and changing routines? We have no idea whether what we've so long waited so long for to happen is actually going to happen. How much do we tell people around us about what we're doing? Because they're going to think we're nuts. Nothing has changed. Why are we acting like this?

It's because we are in alignment with the Universal cycles and seasons. After using the past Mercury retrograde period to reconnect with the Source and reset ourselves, we can ride the energy of this new cycle as the Sun moves confidently into Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. Full Moons and New Moons always have a mixture of ending and beginning energies but in this Full Moon, they are deeply intertwined and happening simultaneously.

Ride the wave. I have found myself vigorously spring cleaning. I bought new curtains. I bought a new rug. Some of you already know about the new faucet and the new sink. And I'm asking myself why. I'm preparing for something. What I don't know. The next few weeks will tell the tale.


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