New Moon in Aquarius: Lilith Returns

We have moved from the hot drama of Leo to the cool detachment of Aquarius. This New Moon finds us calmly assessing the changed landscape after the dramatic conflagration of the last eclipsed Full Moon.

Leo and Aquarius are opposites. The core principle uniting them is self-expression. During the Leo Full Moon, we were in full lion roar demanding that others recognize our uniqueness. We were willing to burn everything down to preserve our Selves. Now we have moved to the other side of the spectrum. We don't care anymore what anyone thinks. We've made our point. With full Aquarian self-possession, we are proceeding on with our lives on our own terms. Fuck what y'all think.

The energy that has captured my imagination, and which I am really feeling strongly right now, is Lilith. Lilith energy is strongly associated with the Moon and is the feminine counterpoint to the masculine energy of the Sun. In this New Moon astrological chart, Black Moon Lilith, the midpoint between the Earth and the Moon, is right next to Mercury, the representation of our rational mind. And Mercury is conjunct the New Moon.

Lilith was Adam's first wife, the one no one likes to talk about. She was handmade by the Creator from clay, just like Adam, and therefore felt that she was his equal. Adam and God didn't agree with her. Instead of accepting her second class status, she got mad and left to hang out with demons who were a lot more fun. God did send some angels to try to get her to come back but she told them to go fuck themselves. Eventually, she developed a taste for baby flesh and became known for raping men in their sleep. Or so the story goes.

Lilith represents the Divine Feminine which has been reviled and Her power repressed (but actually diverted). Because She has been denied her proper place, She is fragmented (Lilith has four different representations in astrological charts) and exists in the shadows. I am feeling her energy so strongly because I am wrapping up a Black Moon Lilith return  (when the transiting Black Moon returned to the place where it was when I was born,which happens approximately every nine years or so).

Our work right now is to reclaim and re-conceptualize the Divine Feminine in our lives. To walk proudly in Her wild and witchy ways. To insist that our relationships honor Her in all Her complicated, insatiable glory. To dive deep into Her depths and resurface with the wisdom and confidence which only comes from facing fears and venturing into the dark.


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