New Moon in Capricorn Partial Eclipse: Protect the Babies

"Orisha says this person should offer a sacrifice for his first born child." - Holy Odu Osa

Pluto's transit of Capricorn has been about tearing up and replacing institutions and structures which are useless and outdated. As we're entering eclipse season with this partially eclipsed New Moon, we are entering a new season of tearing up and tearing down traditions that don't serve or help anyone.

This New Moon is particularly focused on preserving the health of our children. Yes, we are talking about actual flesh and blood children but we are also talking about new ideas and new ways of being which are in need of nurturing but are in danger of dying before they get a chance to mature. The threat is coming from a deep-seated fear and distrust of what is new. And that comes from a fear of the unknown. The status quo is rising up and fighting back.

It's interesting that this New Moon is not so coincidentally occurring at a time when women are publicly talking about how they were raped as children by R Kelly. His entire story is a sad commentary how willing people are to sacrifice children, in particular young Black girls, and for what? That's what I really can't figure out. An entire infrastructure was created to allow this serial predator to rape Black girls with impunity. He not only raped them himself but he trafficked them so that other men could rape them. He could do this in the open because he knew people are so willing to demonize Black women and blame us for our own victimization.

Our society was built on the sexual exploitation of Black women. Yes, white women are victimized and treated as second class citizens. But there is a special subhuman status reserved for Black women. There's no way R Kelly would have gotten away with anything had those been white girls. And not just because he's Black. No white man would have been able to build an entire open and socially accepted empire based on the sexual degradation of young underage white girls.

It's no mistake that the Me Too movement was started by a Black woman. When it blew up during Jupiter's transit of Scorpio, we have had to face up to how much our society accepts and condones sexual violence against women. Our ability to fully function as productive and happy human beings is, and has been, for generations, sacrificed on the altar of patriarchy. Now as this New Moon sits between Saturn on one side and Pluto on the other, we are facing the ultimate challenge. There is no way that we can fully dismantle systems of sexual violence and oppression without coming face to face with how we view and treat Black women. Black women are the source of all life on this planet. If we are not elevated, then everyone is brought down.

As always, we have a choice. It seems that the energy of this transit will find R Kelly paying for his transgressions. Just how much remains to be seen. But what a wasted opportunity if we don't use this energy to stop sacrificing our babies. I wish I could say that we're ready to finally let go of patriarchy. But unfortunately it still has a whole lot of life left. For those of us who are dedicated to fighting though, take heart. We are having an impact.


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