Full Moon in Gemini: Big Daddy Is Home!!

This Gemini Full Moon finds us buzzed. We're feeling overstimulated but in the best possible way. There's a lot happening but it's all good. So many things are falling into place. So many opportunities are opening up. Where do we even begin?

The past few weeks have been a time of expansion and growth. Big Daddy Jupiter has returned to his home in Sagittarius. The last time he was home was twelve years ago. True to form, he is throwing a big ass, rowdy, boozy, dance-your-clothes-off-in-the-middle-of-the-street party. It's what he does. Just in time for the harvest. The Giver of Abundance is blessing us all.

Mercury is also retrograde but in Sagittarius and in such close proximity to Jupiter that it's not a bad thing at all. (Retrograde planets are never really a bad thing but people think they are and make it so.) Jupiter is holding court, with Mercury gassing him up, and recounting his journey through Scorpio. He's using the power of his creativity to make sense of the darkness he has experienced and put it into a larger perspective. He's creating, through his words, a story of his existence which is empowering and inspiring. We can't help but be enthralled and caught up.

There's no question that there is a new feeling of hope and optimism right now. We can see the challenges ahead of us. They are numerous but we feel connected to each other on a deeper level than before. We can draw on that inspiration and that shared understanding of who we are and where we're going.

Let's take the time right now to celebrate our victories, our survival in the face of long odds, and our sense of community and connection. We've earned our victory lap. The path before us is full of hardships and heartaches but it's also full of fun and excitement. We will emerge triumphant. We always do.


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