Special Mayoral Election: Upsets and Wildcards?????

I've been sitting with this for a few days. But I have to share it because the energy of this chart is so alive!

See that Moon in the 11th house? The People aren't happy. We feel as if we've been let down by the folks we trusted to look out for our best interests. But we are ready to take our destiny into our own hands. We are more aware of who we are as a community and the ties that bind us together. Furthermore, we have the energy and motivation to make our wildest dreams of community come true.

This chart signifies deep and long lasting changes. No matter what the outcome of this election, the status quo is over. We are ready to start a cycle of growth which in alignment with our highest ideals. At this point, we don't mind making the deep, radical changes we need to make to bring those dreams into fruition.  

I would expect some real surprises and maybe an upset by a wildcard???? The energy would support that, I think. As unsettling as this year has been, we are in the best position ever to take control of our collective destiny. That is truly exciting to me.


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