Full Moon in Cancer: So Many Beautiful Things

Happy New Year!!! The year opens with a luminous Full Moon in Cancer. This Full Supermoon shines with the beautiful and ethereal light of The Empress tarot card. She is the Mother of Mysteries and She is ready to open the door and allow us access to a higher level of being.

In June, when the New Moon was in Cancer, we were charged with the task of taking care of ourselves. To discover what makes us healthy and whole and change our lives to reflect that reality. The energy of that time was conducive to clearly seeing what needed to be changed and knowing exactly what was needed to do bring about that change. That process has now come to a satisfying conclusion.

Because we are taking care of ourselves, we are content and happy and that happiness radiates out and positively affects everyone around us. We carry the loving, peaceful, elevated energies of the Empress with us everywhere we go. That energy is sorely needed now. So many people feel abandoned by the Mother and feel that She has forgotten them.

The challenge for us now is to have faith in our connection to the Source and move into areas that are unfamiliar to us. Let's not be afraid to take a risk and reach out to others who may be hostile or even angry. This is the time when relationships can be repaired and conflicts which have seethed on the back burner can be revisited. It is possible now to find solutions which could benefit everyone.

 With faith in ourselves and in the guidance that we have received, so many beautiful things can happen. The love of Our Mother flows freely, however, She will not coddle us. We have to demonstrate responsibility and show that we are ready to move to the next level. We are not babies. She will not do the work for us. Everything we need is right here. All we have to do is claim it.


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