New Moon in Scorpio: The Hermit and The Fool

It's hard for me to describe the energy this New Moon is bringing in. It's huge. It's transcendent. It exists outside of the limits of time and space. However, it's important for us to make the attempt to consciously understand this energy because portals are opening and we have the opportunity, if we choose to take it, to move into a higher plane of existence.

This week, I drew two tarot cards that I think, taken together, sum up the energy of this Moon.

First is The Hermit card. This card is associated with the balsamic moon which is the Moon phase immediately before the New Moon. The Moon is moving into darkness at this point. The timing is perfect for quiet contemplation and deep introspection. That's the message of The Hermit card. Knowledge of Self is always found within. In order to understand connection, one must not be afraid of solitude.

It is especially important during this particular New Moon because the Ancestors are near. The Scorpio New Moon is always the time when it is easiest to have direct communication with them. This New Moon which features a pleasant interplay between Neptune and a merged Venus and Jupiter allows us to feel, in every fiber of our being, the Universal Love which is the Source of everything that exists. 

We can see how the cycles of our lives and the choices that we have made at critical points have brought us to where we are. Everything that has happened in our pasts makes sense to us. Not in the logical, rational A + B = C sense but in the sense that nothing in the Universe is wrong and that we are a manifestation of that Perfect Oneness. That is the wisdom of The Hermit. As we go about the busyness of our daily lives, it is so easy to lose sight of that. We have lost sight of it. This New Moon invites you to reconnect and realign yourself.

The Hermit is the wisdom of the Old Man/Woman within who has lived a full life. With that wealth of experience, The Hermit faces death, knowing that rebirth is waiting.

The second card is The Fool card which is associated with the energy of the New Moon itself. The Fool is the Eternal Child always excited about life, always on the verge of a new adventure. Children still remember who they were before they incarnated in the body they've chosen. As they mature, they are socialized to forget so that they may be able to make their way in the world. And that's the way it should be. We have all incarnated because we have work we need to do here.

However, at each New Moon and especially this one, we would do well to take the time to remind ourselves that the Eternal Child is still there inside of us and that Child has wisdom to teach us. That Child reminds us of the limitations of our personal knowledge. We don't know everything. There's always so much more to learn. Everyone we meet and every experience we have is there to teach us. We may fall and hurt ourselves but even that experience, especially that experience, teaches us. Some of our "mistakes" may be coming back to haunt us now. Missed opportunities, unfinished business. The wisdom of the Fool says we can't let that hold us back. It's a new day, a new cycle. We would do well to leave all of that behind.

Children are trusting. They naturally believe that everything will work our for the best and that they will be taken care of. When we forget that, we can become selfish, controlling, suspicious, obstinate, aggressive, even bullying. The wisdom of The Fool reminds us that the entire Universe is watching over us ensuring that we will get what we need when we need it.

We are always undergoing deaths and births as long as we are alive. When we use the wisdom of The Hermit and The Fool, we learn to remain connected to our essential selves through all the cycles of death and resurrection. This New Moon, we can see ourselves and understand that even as we are small, we are indispensable. Armed with that knowledge, we evolve to a higher state.


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