Full Moon in Pisces: This Magic Moment

Y'all it's been too much fire around here lately. We need some water to temper these flames. That's exactly what this Full Moon in Pisces does. The initial spark set off by the eclipse had caught on and was threatening to consume everything we've worked so hard to build. It's time now to contain and control to keep from flaming out.

This Full Moon is brought to us curtesy of Neptune who is playing the gracious host at his home in Pisces. Neptune is a deceptively mellow fellow. You think he's just a nice, slightly scatter brained old guy who is always losing his keys and misplacing his glasses but when he leaves, you look around and all your furniture has been rearranged, leaving you to wonder,  "How the hell did that happen?" But we need to listen to what he's saying. Because even though he tends to talk in riddles and uses circular logic, he's a master magician with a lot to teach. The best way to deal with him is to let go of all preconceived notions and allow him to take us down the rabbit hole.

Right now he's in cahoots with Pluto. Together they are setting up the conditions which will allow us to break through the conundrums which were so forcefully brought to our attention during the eclipse. Mercury and Mars are sitting together at the eclipse point, aligning our thoughts with our actions. The karmic North Node is nearby. Remember Saturn and Uranus and the conversation they've been having all year? It's about to end. They are leaving final instructions with Jupiter who is in charge of our growth and development.

The time is ripe to break out of old modes of thinking. It's easy right now to change old habits. We can walk our talk and live up to our ideals.

In this magic moment, what is the new future you will create? There's no time like the present. There are no longer any valid excuses for refusing to change. Put aside everything you thought you knew about life and open yourself up to limitless possibilities.

Take a leap of faith. I dare you.


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