New Moon in Cancer: Nurturing Ourselves

Yes, I'm late. The New Moon was last week. I know. But I've been busy. You see, last week's New Moon had four planets in Cancer: the New Moon which is the Sun and Moon conjunct each other, Mercury, and Mars. Oh yeah. Mars is in Cancer. I told you. I've been busy.

Personally, I finally found the energy to get started on several home improvement projects that I have been thinking about for a while, some of them for a few years. This is Mars in Cancer. Not only have I been out shopping and talking to handymen, I've actually been doing some things myself. I have learned how to install a light fixture, something I've never done before or really wanted to do. But Mars in Cancer with mental Mercury nearby has given me the energy and the interest to do these things myself. The both of them were also in good communication with Neptune, the planet of dreams. Many of my dreams for my home are finally materializing.

That's how the New Moon has affected me. The Moon is at home in Cancer. She reigns supreme there as the Good Mother. A New Moon in Cancer is an excellent time to focus on children and family and home, whatever home may mean to you.

The New Moon is opposing Pluto, the Transformer. This is a time to think deeply about what you need to make yourself feel whole and healthy and begin to make changes. I feel this New Moon is about learning to take care of ourselves and setting in lives in order so that we can live a healthy and balanced life. If that means certain people have to go, the New Moon will reveal to you who those people are and the process of moving them out of your life will begin. If you have certain habits you need to break, you may feel during this New Moon that you can finally get a handle on that and regain control of your desires. I feel as if this New Moon might reveal the answers to longstanding issues and problems and provide us with new hope and a new understanding of how to deal with them.

So many of the planets were in harmonious connection with each other during this past New Moon. Just in time for the Solstice. We have found peace within ourselves. We have come home.


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