Dreaming up strong magic

This was revealed to me in a dream last night.


Banishment Potion

To be used to remove someone from your life


River or ocean water
Dirt from a cemetary

Write the name of the person who you want banished from your life on the paper. Use of a pet name or a name that only you call the person makes the spell stronger because it's more specific to the relationship. Put the water and dirt in a metal, preferably all pure iron, pot. Put the paper, with the name on it in the water and boil the water until it's almost totally evaporated. You can dispose of the remaining water, dirt and paper either by returning the water to the ocean or river if you believe the relationship can be cleansed and salvaged and you are open to the person returning to your life at a later time. If you never want to see the person again and want the relationship totally dead, dispose of the water, paper and dirt in the cemetary.


I don't know why this was revealed to me last night but I might need it sometime soon.


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